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Hooked on Fishing

Life is full of distractions that prevent families from spending quality time together. This can lead to the use and abuse of illicit drugs. As a parent, adult, Big Brother or Big Sister and a society we must take an active role in our children's behavior.

Fishing provides an opportunity to spend quality time with a child, to help a child develop the life skills necessary to say no, and to help instill family values.

There are many benefits to a day of fishing. Here are a few comments from children and teens about the excitement of fishing as found in

"Why are Teens Getting Hooked on Fishing not on Drugs", Future Fisherman Foundation:

  • It gives us a time and place to think things out.
  • It's a fun activity that we can share with our friends and even with our families.
  • It helps us reduce stress that builds up in our lives.
  • It's something we can even do alone without feeling lonely.
  • It provides us an opportunity to work out problems or to just talk about anything we want with friends or family.
  • It's less costly than drugs.
  • It offers us a challenge and prestige among our peers.

You say you don't know how to fish or have any equipment? Don't worry - our fishing events have instructors to assist you, instructional material you can take home and we will even provide the equipment including lifejackets if required. For organizations such as the Scouts, Big Brother and Big Sisters we can help organize special events.

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Annual Mother's Day Hooked on Fishing Family Weekend. Try your hand at catching Rainbow Trout at Windmill Point Park, Fort Erie.

Ontario Family Fishing Weekend

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